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Important Notice

  1. Kindly note that the visa processing fees are nonrefundable and non-Transferable.

Prospective visitors to Kenya can now obtain visa as follows:

  1. Online through website (for single entry, transit and courtesy visas only and depending on the country category)
  2. By visiting Kenya High Commission, Islamabad within Diplomatic Enclave
  3. At Port of Entry on arrival in Kenya depending on the country category. 
  1. For more information on visa application and categories based on nationality please visit This website provides comprehensive details on all immigration services provided by the State Department of Immigration and Citizen Services including but not limited to work permit, citizenship and other immigration services. 

Visa exemption for children under 16 years

With effect from 1st February, 2016 Children under the age of 16 years accompanying their parents to Kenya are exempted from paying visa fees. Do not submit an application or pay visa fee for the children under the age of 16 years. 

  1. The Government of Kenya has rolled out issuance of Electronic Passport commonly known as E-passport with effect from 1st September, 2017.At the moment all Kenyans who are interested to acquire the said E-passport are encouraged to travel to Kenya to have their fingerprint, photos and digital signature taken. Meanwhile, it is important to note that the old generation passport shall be phased out and will not be valid for traveling as from 31st August, 2019.


Kenya High Commission Islamabad