A: Declaration of dual citizenship

  • Duly filled form 2.
  • Attach copies of both passport.
  • No fee.

B: Regaining of Kenya citizenship

Person who lost senior citizenship after enactment of new constitution whose effect date was 27th August, 2010 are entitled to apply to regain in a prescribed manner.


  • Two copies of form 5.
  • Proof of previous Kenya citizenship ( furnish copies of passport, birth certificate and ID card).
  • Proof of other nationality and citizenship (furnish passport copy) and other relevant documents.

C: Voluntarily Renunciation of Kenya Citizenship

  • Requirement duly filled form 15
  • Photocopy of Pakistani passport.
  • Copy of Kenya ID card, birth certificate and passport including surrender of all, in its original form.
  • Fee: USD 200